under the table

under the table
1. : into a stupor

drink a man under the table

five minutes' serious thought about the eruption of eternity into time puts me under the table — Stuart Chase

buy your liquor under the table — J.H.Allen

strategic requirements for tin will be the major consideration under the table during the coming negotiations — Economist

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under the table
1. Not above-board, illicit
2. Hopelessly drunk (informal)
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1) informal very drunk

by 3:30 everybody was under the table

2) (esp. of making a payment) secretly or covertly

he accepted a slew of payoffs under the table

another term for (see counter I)

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under the table
— used to describe a situation in which a worker is being paid in a secret and illegal way in order to avoid paying taxes

They were paying her under the table.

He's working under the table.

◇ To drink someone under the table means to drink more alcohol than someone else without becoming extremely drunk, unconscious, etc.

He tried to drink me under the table.

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